Twin Peaks at Fan Expo 2014

It’s Fan Expo time here in Toronto; consider it Canada’s version of San Diego Comic Con. While I cover it every year for Biff Bam Pop, this year is especially exciting as Rue Morgue has brought in Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise and Sherilyn Fenn for a Twin Peaks Reunion as part of the annual Festival of Fear.

There will be a panel discussion that I’ll have some involvement in, as I wrote the TP cover story for Rue Morgue back in March, but today I took the time to stop by and say hi to both Sheryl and Ray, who I had the good fortune to interview for the magazine. Both of them were friendly and remembered our interviews, which of course the fan boy in me appreciated quite a bit. They signed the cover of the magazine, which also includes signatures from Charlotte Stewart, Kimmy Robertson, Chris Mulkey, and Wendy Robie. You can check it out below. Tomorrow is the panel and a screening of Fire Walk With a Me at the TIFF Light Box, which is already sold out.


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