Andy Burns Goes To The Twin Peaks Festival: Day Three and Wrap-Up

Day three of Twin Peaks Fest began with a meet up at Twede’s (aka the Double R Diner) with the group of friends I’d met the previous day – Phil and Andrea who live in Washington State; Matt and Melanie from East Coast Canada and also the brains behind the Twin Peaks Podcast; and Murray, who had come up solo from Vancouver. I can’t tell you how happy I was to have hooked up with these folks. Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone at the Festival were friendly, but inevitably at these things, people do group off, especially those that have come multiple times over the years. But all of us managed to find one another and hang out and have great conversations; perhaps my favourite revelation was just big a fan Andrea is of Rob Zombie’s films. You know you’ve found your tribe when…Breakfast at Twede’s was delicious, and the conversation was great as well. The restaurant celebrates it’s Twin Peaks history, as it should.

On my way to the Festival picnic, the official wrap-up of the entire event,I made sure to stop off at the motel where Leland Palmer was going to have a hook-up with Theresa Banks and a few friends, only to discover that one of said friends was actually his daughter, Laura.

We were joined at the picnic with all the celebrity guests, except for Sherilyn Fenn. If there was any letdown at all for me with the event, it’s only that I didn’t get a chance to speak with her. The line-up at the dinner was huge, I had heard she wasn’t feeling so well, and since she’ll be in Toronto for Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear at the end of the month, I figured I could get my magazine signed then and just say hi at the picnic. A bit of a bummer that it didn’t happen, but I’ll have other opportunities while some of the other attendees won’t, so I’m glad they lined up. I did get some chat time with my pal Kimmy and Chris Mulkey, who has been married to his wife for 33 years, which in Hollywood has got to be a record. Kimmy quite kindly raved about my Rue Morgue cover story, which I had with me. Chris was impressed and when he mentioned that he’d have to find one, I handed him my last copy. Cuz that’s how I roll :)

Josh Eisenstadt is the king of Twin Peaks trivia, and he took us on a tour of the woods where the picnic was being held, highlights of which were the Deer Meadow Sheriff’s Department and the spot where Theresa Banks’ body was found, and where Leland left Laura’s at the end of Fire Walk With Me. Considering my love of both the show and the film, I’m sure you can imagine how cool it was to visit these specific spots. I was lucky enough to be on three Josh tours, two of which were informal and consisted mainly of my group of peeps; without these ventures, I would certainly say the experience wouldn’t have been the same. So, once again, big thanks to Josh for making them happen.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that one of the reason I came this year was to talk up the upcoming release of Wrapped In Plastic: Twin Peaks; it’s the perfect place, right? By nature, I have no problems chatting about my work, but I don’t ever like to get in people’s face about what I’ve done. If they ask, I’m happy to talk and tell stories; thankfully, that was how things went here. I didn’t hide the fact that the book is coming (why would I?) and Rob was kind enough to put out the postcards ECW created for it (they’re awesome, by the way), but it was genuinely awesome and exciting to see how many people wanted to hear about it and who can’t wait for it to come out. They’re interest and enthusiasm for it has seriously already made it worthwhile. It’s been almost two years since I first sent in the pitch to my great editors Crissy and Jen, and the fact that come the finish I know at least a few people will be reading is already rewarding.

A few hours after the picnic concluded and my friends and I made our separate ways, I did a quick return to The Roadhouse, where I picked up a Bang Bang club t-shirt. Then it was back to the Edgewick for one last sleep, which has led me to here, the Seattle Airport, as I wait for my flight back to Toronto. Thanks to my new friends and acquaintances, to the celebs who made the trek and were kind to everyone that approached them, and to all the organizer who made it happen, especially Rob and Deanne. On my way out this morning, I saw Rob and thanked him one last time and said that I’d be back next year; while he revealed no details, it sounds like he’s got big plans in the works. I cant wait.

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